Conditions for Booking

All bookings are only confirmed when full payment has been made. You can book online for all classes or pay in person while arriving to the class. Our booking system is currently not operating with a login or membership area, therefore all rebookings and/or cancellations have to be sent via email to:


We operate a strict 48 hour cancellation policy that you can use online. You can cancel classes and rebook via email. If you cancel later than 48 hours before the class starts, the class credit will be lost. Please do let us know if you can not make class as often we have a waiting list 

Missed classes

We are sorry but missed classes are not refundable unless you booked a personal training. Personal trainings are not refundable but we can reschedule them only if times are available within 4 weeks after the initial date agreement.

Changes in your course

If for any reason we need to change or cancel a class, we will let you know as early as possible and offer an alternative day/class. If that day does not suit you a refund for that class will be issued.

Health and safety

During the course it is your responsibility to inform your instructor of any changes to your health. If you are in any doubt about your health you should consult your doctor. If you arrive late for a class you may not be allowed in and the class will be forfeited (so please don’t be late). We are not liable for any accidents ocurring during the class. Please take care of your body and know your limitations. Inform us so we can help you out!

Behaviour in class

We respectfully ask that you do not take photos during classes unless it has been authorised by the instructor and other people in the class. We will set aside appropriate times for photos. Also we request that you should dress appropriately for a fitness setting – trainers for warm up, shorts, leggings, vest or T shirts, and treat other people in the class with respect.

Please make sure you check what to wear for classes. Also I respectfully ask that you wear appropriate clothing where you feel comfortable for training!

Personal Training

Personal training must be paid for at time of booking – or a minimum of 48 hours before. Cancellation after this time is not possible without losing payment.