Breaksthenics – moves and reps go into depth!

Breaksthenics is a unique training system that combines calisthenics with break dance. This makes your body more flexible, ready to take on any challenge and smart to learn new movement patterns faster, more efficiently and with lots of fun! Don’t just train – make it an experience for yourself and your peers!


You will:

  • strengthen your body while mantaining flexibility
  • enhance your body memory and your ability to learn movement
  • grow muscle and mobilize fascia
  • enjoy your training to the maximum
  • learn the latest tricks within a short time
  • access motivation easier and enjoy better results

Find your training

Breaksthenics online-classes is a great opportunity, especially during corona times, to get familiar with this new discipline, to work on your body shape while enjoying music, and advance your body skills to the next level!

Breaksthenics live workshops are the real deal! To join the energy and motivation of a goup, to push the boundaries of your own physics and experience what it means to truly grow is something you should not miss.

Breaksthenics personal training is the choice for the ones who want to dig deeper and get personalized coaching in which we will analyze your specific constitution concerning strength, flexibility, coordination, and body shape.

About Breaksthenics

Breaksthenics is a training program, that uses strengthening methods of breaking (bboying) to advance your calisthenics floorwork to another level!

The founder Elias Choi-Buttinger, whos movement history is originated in Breaking but also strongly influenced by contemporary dance techniques as well as street sports like parkour and tricking, developed this workout method to share his approach of bodyconditioning, that aims aside from simple muscle improvement also for progress in our coordination, balance, and stretch.

The body is an infinitely capable instrument that can be tuned to extraordinary levels. 

Join us on this journey!

Photo Credit at Mick Morley

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Breaksthenics is a unique training system that combines calisthenics with break dance. This makes your body more flexible, ready to […]

Greates Support ever! – Review by Ilona Roth

Elias is a very intuitive and smart dancer, trainer and mover! He helped me achieve levels I could not have dreamed of! It’s a pleasure to work with him – highly recommendable!

Amazing colleague! – Review by Samer Alkurdi

It is a pleasure to work with Elias! I was lucky to get to know his training concept and I am very convinced of the positive effects it has for everyone who trains with him! Anatomically smart, easy to understand, joyful to practice! A perfect method to achieve fast results!